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We all have bad habits that seem to hold us back... theHABITUDE helps us change them. You heard me. No more negative self-talk. No more bally-boo-hoo. If you don't tame your thoughts and actions, they will for sure tame you (eww). Here's what it do:

Every time you catch yourself engaging in negative thoughts or lame behavior, snap theHABITUDE and tell yourself what's up! The bracelet is your physical and visual reminder to SNAP OUT OF IT by literally snapping you back to the present so you can consciously choose a new thought or behavior until it becomes your automatic everyday. Luckily, what you should tell yourself is printed on the (inside) of the bracelet - funny how that works. It's like a secret, but not...shhhnap!

theHABITUDE was conceived to get you to be your own voice of awesome. To step outside yourself and coach your own behavior. To become more self-aware and self-disciplined. To simply be a better you - one snap at a time!

One last thing, you can't expect to change your habitude overnight. It takes practice and perseverance. Don't beat yourself up, instead just keep on snappin' on!

And that's how it's done. 



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